Teenager and Marijuana

Legalization of marijuana remains very controversial issue in the US. Now that the federal government passed the Marijuana Stamp Act, marijuana is now legal to use for medical reasons. Many drugs like opium derivatives, were once legal without prescription until addictive nature of individuals using it became apparent.

Medical investigations with public opinion generally affect how drugs are regulated and perceived, true in the case of weed. With mature users, Medical Marijuana has been shown to affect development of the braid – particularly concerning memory(last a long time or permanently). With a lot of states legalizing marijuana, an important question must be tackle: Are more teens using it?

The Brown study noted that there is a trends in teenager using Marijuana on states with and without legalization of medical marijuana. What did they discover? Across years and with every states: for the past month, marijuana use was common (approx. 20%), without significant differences( statistically ) in marijuana utilization before and after policy change for any of the state pairing.


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