Bird’s Eye View on Responsive Web Design

Being a San Francisco web design company, we notice that there is a lot of different screen sizes across the world: phones, tablets,  “phablets”, desktops, internet TVs, game consoles and even wearables like Google glass. Screen sizes is progressing, so it’s vital that your website adapt to any of these screen size, whether today or in the near future.


What is  Responsive web design? It is a term related to  developing a design in a manner that the layout changed according to the user’s screen resolution. It allows an advanced four column layout  of 1292 pixels wide, on a 1025 pixel width screen, that it auto simplifies into two columns. In short, it can look readable (design wise) for both smartphone, tablets, PC screen and so on. This designing technique is now called “responsive web design”.

Also, more mobile devices such as Iphone are changing the display landscape. The screen are getting smaller and the design are getting richer. Displays are also getting crisper and larger. In trying to serve both segments, web designers shouldn’t stop from being creative and  innovative.



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